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TeamSeniorDiablo's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 32 (From 5 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 625 Points

Goin' Mental

Catatonic Unlocked 8/31/12
5 Points
Pause the game with P or Esc
Corporate Conspiracy Unlocked 8/31/12
5 Points
Visit Newgrounds
Head Examination Unlocked 8/31/12
5 Points
Kill a bouncing head
Stalker Unlocked 8/31/12
5 Points
View the credits
Paranoid Delusion Unlocked 8/31/12
10 Points
Stab out the eyes
Self Loathing Unlocked 8/31/12
25 Points
Burn away your sobbing doppleganger
Murderer Unlocked 8/31/12
50 Points
Blow the worm to smithereens and beat it to a pulp
Obsessive Compulsive 100 Points Conquer the time trial in under 3 minutes

Medals Earned: 7/8 (105/205 points)


Silver Unlocked 10/14/12
10 Points
Be ranked in the top 40%
Accomplishment 5 Points Beat a highscore
Allergic to Gold 5 Points No gold 10 different levels
Decent Treasure 5 Points Collect total of 60000 gold
Frustrated by Gold 5 Points No gold 5 different levels
I really am 5 Points Die 20 times
I'm trying 5 Points Die 5 times
Irritated by Gold 5 Points No gold in one level
Playing the Game 5 Points Beat 3 levels
Small Treasure 5 Points Collect total of 5000 gold
Small Victories 5 Points Perfect 5 levels
Takedown 5 Points Beat boss 1
Upgrades 5 Points Upgrade a part to max
You Tried 5 Points Die 5 times while using the slow shield
As Always 10 Points Right click achievement
Big Shot 10 Points Convert 900 bullets to gold with one bomb
Bomber 10 Points Use the bomb 15 times
Enjoying the Game 10 Points Beat 10 levels
Flawless Victory 10 Points Beat boss 1 without dying once
I love you Trophies 10 Points Get all trophies [15]
I've won 10 Points Die 50 times
Medium Victories 10 Points Perfect 10 levels
Professional 10 Points Beat level 15 without dying
Resourceful 10 Points Use the bomb 35 times
Shiny Trophies 10 Points Get 2/3 of all trophies [10]
Stupid Trophies 10 Points Get 1/3 of all trophies [5]
Takedown Again 10 Points Beat boss 2
Total Boss 10 Points Beat a level > 15 getting at least 2 ribbons and not dying
Upgraded 10 Points Upgrade 3 parts to max
GG WP 25 Points Beat boss 2 without dying once
Gold 25 Points Be ranked in the top 20%
Large Victories 25 Points Perfect 15 levels
Max Power 25 Points Upgrade all parts to max
Midas 25 Points Collect total of 200000 gold
Time Warp 25 Points Slow 600 bullets with 1 slow shield
Well Played 25 Points Hit 1000 bullets with 1 gold shield
Beating the Game 50 Points Beat all levels
Platinum 50 Points Be ranked in the top 8%

Medals Earned: 1/38 (10/500 points)

Super Adventure Pals

2 COOL 4 SCHOOL Unlocked 8/30/12
5 Points
Complete the tutorial
BRAGGER Unlocked 8/30/12
5 Points
Get an overall a rating
FIRST BLOOD Unlocked 8/30/12
5 Points
Kill your first enemy
CHARITY CASE Unlocked 8/31/12
10 Points
Donate money to the snow man
COLD KILLER Unlocked 8/30/12
10 Points
Kill one hundred enemies
FAMILY MAN Unlocked 8/31/12
10 Points
Help the penguins start a family
TEARS OF JOY Unlocked 8/30/12
10 Points
Return the farmer's pig
FISH AND CHIPS Unlocked 8/30/12
25 Points
Defeat the fish boss
LOVER MAN Unlocked 8/31/12
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
RAINBOW RIDER Unlocked 8/31/12
25 Points
Defeat the jelly fish boss
RICH Unlocked 8/30/12
25 Points
Find one thousand coins
WRINKLY GRAPES Unlocked 8/30/12
25 Points
return the old mans speedos
UNTOUCHABLE Unlocked 8/30/12
50 Points
Beat a level set without dieing
LAW MAN 10 Points Redeem yourself to the sheriff
OUTLAW 10 Points Help Stabby break out of jail
BLOOD THIRSTY 25 Points Kill one thousand enemies
SPIDER MAN 25 Points Defeat the spider boss
CHAMPION 50 Points Beat the final boss
SUPER ADVENTURER 50 Points Complete all levels
MILLIONAIRE 100 Points Find one million coins

Medals Earned: 13/20 (230/500 points)

The Drawing Grounds

Colorpicker Unlocked 9/7/12
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Umad? Unlocked 9/7/12
5 Points
Found the hidden troll face.
Junior Artist 5 Points Finished your first drawing.
Messenger 5 Points Notified someone after taking your turn.
Randomizer 5 Points Started a game with a random user.
Sketcher 10 Points Reach a score of at least 10.
Heartbreaker Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Loner Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/45 points)

Tiny Evolution Adventure

Evolutionary Work Unlocked 8/31/12
5 Points
Check the Credits Page!
Like a Fish out of Water Unlocked 8/31/12
10 Points
Finish the Tadpole stage!
What a Buggy Game Unlocked 8/31/12
25 Points
Clear the Lizard stage!
Flying Fast Food Unlocked 8/31/12
50 Points
Clear the Dinosaur stage!
Top of the Food Chain Unlocked 8/31/12
100 Points
Clear the game!

Medals Earned: 5/5 (190/190 points)

Windows Vista Errors

I'm Fat Unlocked 5/26/13
10 Points
Choose food
Size DOES matter Unlocked 5/26/13
10 Points
Millenium Falcon
Traitor Unlocked 5/26/13
10 Points
Apple is Invading!
Tricked You! Unlocked 5/26/13
50 Points
Beat Maze.exe
Holy Cow! 10 Points What's in there?
Why? Seriously? 50 Points Search for something that will bring up a different search result.
Oh, you can turn that off... Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
CD Drive Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/8 (80/155 points)